Audition The Play

Here you can audition the play and start to get a feel for how this would fit in to  plans for your Nativity.

The play tells the story of a child's misconception about the countdown to Christmas (Advent) and his/her expectation of chocolate and presents without a second thought for the actual reason of why we celebrate Christmas. It is presented with beautiful songs and dialogue that includes great humour throughout telling both the reason for advent and including the traditional Nativity scene. The play brings the audience in, takes them on a great journey and then with audience participation in the final scene, wraps them up with a tear in their eye and sends them home all ready for Christmas!

The play starts with the Spirit of Christmas dancing from one side of the stage to the other with her own bespoke music!

Spirit of Christmas Dance is performed 

She comes to rest at centre stage and starts to speak.

" I am the spirit of Christmas. I am in your heart! I am in your soul! It feels warm. It feels glowy.......You can't buy it!....It's either there...................(With hand over brow looking across the audience) Or it isn't".

Narrator introduces play

Readers explain what advent means.

First children show off their wreath with much dialogue and each candle explains what they represent. Followed by more dialogue and humour.

The song is performed:

As I Light My Candle 

Enter the other children talking about chocolate and presents with much dialogue and humour and includes children dressed as chocolates and presents with great interaction.

The song is performed:

One Choco;ate Away

Angels visit and child one asks after further dialogue for the other children to watch and listen as the Nativity plays out. As this takes place the song plays


After the Nativity plays out, further dialogue takes place as the other children begin to understand.

The next song is performed:

Now I Understand 

As it is approaching midnight there is further dialogue and understanding before the final song/dance that includes a simple line and audience participation in clapping.

Final Dance/Song  

On the final note all children arms outstretched shout.....

Happy Christmas

It really is a true journey that covers the whole Christmas experience with humour, great song and interaction.